Re: SpecProc's for weapons.

From: Graham Gilmore (
Date: 07/20/95

On Thu, 20 Jul 1995, Phoenix Project Team Leader wrote:

> Another way you could do these type of objs is to create an
> object pulse and an objact.c ..etc This way objs could actually
> act independant of there owners, and not require commands by
> users to activate them.. One of the coders on my mud came up with
> this idea.. I have been tinkering with it a bit and it seems quite
> fesiable. Only problem is that the objact.c will have to go through
> all objs to search for flags such as mobact does, unless you set
> up a list of obj vnums that have these flags in the code...which would
> make it more efficient...I feel. The idea for this code came from
> wanting to make a sword of senseless attack which when wielded would
> cause the wielder to attack any mob over lvl 20 that he/she comes
> in contact with. Once this type of objact.c code is in and combined
> with the special code...The things that objs could do are basically
> limitless. Hell You could even have objs talking and telling players
> what to do.. and forcing them to do it:) Whats everyone think about 
> this. I haven't imped it totally it is still in the development
> stage... But, It seems like the only way to go for advanced obj specials
> Gargamel..Imp of Phoenix Mud( 4000)
	That sounds like a great idea... though you could even go whole 
hog and have both methods, for different effects.   Independent objects, 
and weapons with spells that go off when you hit ;)  
	Thanks for the idea!

	Graham Gilmore

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