Re: SpecProc's for weapons.

From: Phoenix Project Team Leader (
Date: 07/20/95

Another way you could do these type of objs is to create an
object pulse and an objact.c ..etc This way objs could actually
act independant of there owners, and not require commands by
users to activate them.. One of the coders on my mud came up with
this idea.. I have been tinkering with it a bit and it seems quite
fesiable. Only problem is that the objact.c will have to go through
all objs to search for flags such as mobact does, unless you set
up a list of obj vnums that have these flags in the code...which would
make it more efficient...I feel. The idea for this code came from
wanting to make a sword of senseless attack which when wielded would
cause the wielder to attack any mob over lvl 20 that he/she comes
in contact with. Once this type of objact.c code is in and combined
with the special code...The things that objs could do are basically
limitless. Hell You could even have objs talking and telling players
what to do.. and forcing them to do it:) Whats everyone think about 
this. I haven't imped it totally it is still in the development
stage... But, It seems like the only way to go for advanced obj specials

Gargamel..Imp of Phoenix Mud( 4000)

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