Re: SpecProc's for weapons.

Date: 07/21/95

regarding setting up a pulse for objects, I know that all the mobs are 
somehow kept in the master character list, so that on mob act it goes
through the list and checks if they're NPC's and then checks their spec
proc...  is there a similar list for all objects in the world? Or would
you have to create one to hold all 'intelligent' objects that can act
on their own without the benefit of player commands (as obj spec procs
require now)?  Then you could cycle through just that list, and the
imp would have to add new intelligent objects to the list as they're
made.. (such intelligent objects would probably be very rare, anyways.)
I know its possible to check objects present in the room (as it does on
the object spec_proc call in special() ) but I haven't seen such a
linked list for all objects in the world? Anyone?

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