re: Adding more Areas

From: Brett Helgeson (
Date: 07/21/95

> a million rooms, eh? you must be a fast typist =)
> lesssee, 1,000,000 rooms, times 1:00 to create each room, equals a fairly 
> long time...694.4 days of solid typing (24hours) 
> oh yeah, how much ram does each room take? i hope you have about 1024M on 
> your system, =)
> if a character dies, does he return all the way to minas tirith (or 
> wherever) or just the last 'inn'-style room he passed through? i wouldn't 
> want to have to trudge through 50,000 rooms to loot my own corpse =)
> ch.specials-saved.resurrection-room, might be a useful thing to have.
> what else, oh yeah, don't plan on having your system crash, or you will 
> have no users - i don't know many people who would hang around waiting 
> for hours waiting for rooms to be loaded..

	Well first a few things: 
1) Yeah it will take a lifetime probably to do. I don't mind. Thats why I 
am doing it.

2) When you die, your dead. You don't come back. So you could be in Bag 
End for all I care, your still dead.

3) I am working on some code that will 'toggle' each zone only when 
someone is in it. I haven't given much thought of it (only a basic check 
to see if anyone is in the zone for right now).

4) I am planning on no rent. (You can still rent rooms, and if you save 
and quit out in a nasty place you could 'die' while sleeping.)

5) This mud isn't going to be open to the public. Only friends. As it 
stands, the max allowence of players is 10.

6) Still looking for code for changing the amount of rooms!

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