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From: The Mighty Spaz Twit (
Date: 07/21/95

BH>         I posted to this fine list a few days ago wondering if
BH> anyone had changed the maximum amount of rooms and rooms per zone
BH> limit in  circle 2.20. I got a smattering of response, but
BH> nothing 'hard'. I ask,  neigh, I beg of you if you know what to
BH> do, please shoot it my way - I  have been busy mapping out my
BH> world (Well its Professor Tolkiens really -  Middle Earth!), and
BH> I need a whole bunch more rooms - I have just  finished Mirkwood
BH> (north and south) and it comes in at well over 36,000  rooms.
BH> Yeah its huge, and the world is going to be pretty damn big, I
BH> figure as a rough estimate close to 750,000 rooms by the time I
BH> am done.  It will probably be closer to a million. I can't even
BH> think of the boot  time as it is! (Hours =) Of course this will
BH> take a long, long time to  do, but I don't care, its a project
BH> that I work on from time to time....
BH>         Anyway, beg, beg, beg. I have fooled with changing
BH> things, but  


a million rooms, eh? you must be a fast typist =)
lesssee, 1,000,000 rooms, times 1:00 to create each room, equals a fairly 
long time...694.4 days of solid typing (24hours) 

oh yeah, how much ram does each room take? i hope you have about 1024M on 
your system, =)
if a character dies, does he return all the way to minas tirith (or 
wherever) or just the last 'inn'-style room he passed through? i wouldn't 
want to have to trudge through 50,000 rooms to loot my own corpse =)
ch.specials-saved.resurrection-room, might be a useful thing to have.
what else, oh yeah, don't plan on having your system crash, or you will 
have no users - i don't know many people who would hang around waiting 
for hours waiting for rooms to be loaded..
for aninteresting, _very_ loaded circle derivative, try 

Shadowdale MUD, very big and multi-classed, races, etc. also, online zone 
loading, to speed up init time.

just my $0.02
Chris Louth

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