Re: Autoloot

From: Mark Redshaw(midnight) (
Date: 07/23/95


actual a few players asked me how to toggle this feature on

it seems that merc type muds have it
I know how to implemtn it but not how to make it soo I can turn it on and off
I or players that is
I would like to see this code on here if possible I am very novice with C 
soo I am not mutch of a programmer

On Sun, 23 Jul 1995, Ron Poulton wrote:

> > > What's an "autoloot"?
> > 
> > The player will automatically take everything from the corpse of 
> > something they just killed.
> Erk.  This would not be a routine I'd write in for players.  MOBs would 
> have this feature.. after they kill a player or another MOB, a delay of 
> 0-5 seconds would occur before they steal anything from the corpse.
> Something that would be rather useful to install altogether.

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