Re: Autoloot

From: J\vrgen (
Date: 07/24/95

> > BTW when I'm at it, how many bugs does the pl8 have anyway?
> > I'm implementing a new skill, which allows skilled players to make eq, of=
>  mobs.
> > The higher level and exp of the mob, the better equipment you can produce=
>  of the=20
> > corpses. It works just fine. A few minutes.. :) Something in the code pro=
> duces
> >=20

> Where do you store the deceased character's level on the corpse object
> when you make it?  In the open/closed/pickproof integer that containers
> use?

I added a pointer to a structure that contains the str, int, wis,,,exp, ac, damroll and hitroll
and name in obj_data. In the make_corpse I just copy the values of the mob into that 
structure (which i allocate memory for :) I don't care much about the level of the mob, 
since the skill is based on stats and abilities on the killed mob. Eg. you can set 
a fido to level 30, but still he's a one-hit mob. The name is used primary for
the coolness sake. :) Eg. A pair of boots mad out of King Welmar are lying here. :)

Ziggur @ BlueMage (currently on 4000)

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