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From: J\vrgen (
Date: 07/25/95


> hmmm, what happens if you make sure that you empty the corpse first? eg=20
> (pseudocode of course)

> if (!gold_in_corpse && !eq_in_corpse)
>   make_leather_underwear_from_corpse;

> I would assume that the gold and eq are 'in' the corpse, and you are=20
> destroying the corpse without moving its contents...

HE he.. Leather-underwear seems like cool, thing.. :) Any idea how AC-apply it has? 

When I do the transformation, I put all its contents on the ground.

for(object = corpse->contents; object != NULL; object = object->nextcontent)
	obj_to_room(object, corpse->in_room);

Something like that. 
But the big crash is when the mob has gold coins when I slay him/her/it(?).
The corpse -> boots or whatever works just fine. I made a lovely pair of gloves
made out of fido. :) Then I killed the cityguard that has gold coins, CRASH!

When I debugged it + core, the debugger said it crashes at GET_GOLD(ch) (the cointransfer
from mob to obj). 

I guess I have a few hours of fun ahead of me.. NOT! :)

Ziggur @ BlueMage 4000


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