Re: UM, hit()

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 07/25/95

> What arguments are needed to call do_diagnose from within code?

All ACMDs inherit the following structure:

#define ACMD(name)  \
   void (name)(struct char_data *ch, char *argument, int cmd, int subcmd)

Stolen right from interpreter.h :>.  "ch" is the character data, 
"argument" is the string parameters you wish to pass, and cmd and subcmd 
are, respectively, the command and subcommand of the order you wish to call.

For example, the Beastly Fido now barks once in a while.  To accomplish 
this, the following call is used:

  do_echo(ch, "barks happily!", cmd_emote, SCMD_EMOTE);

This essentially forces the fido to bark, assuming the fido is assigned 
to ch.

"cmd" and "subcmd" are rather touchy.  I haven't figured out a logic to 
it yet. ;>

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