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Date: 07/24/95

On Mon, 24 Jul 1995, Jörgen Zigge Sigvardsson wrote:
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> BTW when I'm at it, how many bugs does the pl8 have anyway?
> I'm implementing a new skill, which allows skilled players to make eq, of mobs.
> The higher level and exp of the mob, the better equipment you can produce of the 
> corpses. It works just fine. A few minutes.. :) Something in the code produces
> a BUS-signal and a message saying 'Memory aligment violation' or something like
> that. I compiled it with debug-info and debugged it. The bug that raised the
> BUS-error was not in my code, it was when GET_GOLD(struct char_data *) in make_corpse()
> was executed. It seems like when I kill something carrying gold, it goes haywire. 
> Killing fido's and blobs (which don't have any gold default) worked just fine, 
> and there was no problem making boots and stuff out of them (my code), but 
> when killing a cityguard that carries gold, raised the exception. 
> This error is not in my code, so therefor it has to be some sort of bug. 
> Has anyone of you had any similar bug, that you've fixed? If so I'd be very glad
> if you'd share some info with me.. 
> Ziggur @ BlueMage 4000 (currently on 4000)
hmmm, what happens if you make sure that you empty the corpse first? eg 
(pseudocode of course)

if (!gold_in_corpse && !eq_in_corpse)

I would assume that the gold and eq are 'in' the corpse, and you are 
destroying the corpse without moving its contents...

Chris Louth

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