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From: J\vrgen (
Date: 07/24/95

> Well, in order to add such a feature so the users can toggle it, you'd 
> have to add information to the user structure, thereby tampering with the 
> user files.

There is no need to tamper with the userfiles. You could set the Autoloot-flag 
to a default value when entering the game. Then you only need to add the flag
to the memory structure. It's not such a big deal to implement it, rather simple

BTW when I'm at it, how many bugs does the pl8 have anyway?
I'm implementing a new skill, which allows skilled players to make eq, of mobs.
The higher level and exp of the mob, the better equipment you can produce of the 
corpses. It works just fine. A few minutes.. :) Something in the code produces
a BUS-signal and a message saying 'Memory aligment violation' or something like
that. I compiled it with debug-info and debugged it. The bug that raised the
BUS-error was not in my code, it was when GET_GOLD(struct char_data *) in make_corpse()
was executed. It seems like when I kill something carrying gold, it goes haywire. 
Killing fido's and blobs (which don't have any gold default) worked just fine, 
and there was no problem making boots and stuff out of them (my code), but 
when killing a cityguard that carries gold, raised the exception. 
This error is not in my code, so therefor it has to be some sort of bug. 
Has anyone of you had any similar bug, that you've fixed? If so I'd be very glad
if you'd share some info with me.. 

Ziggur @ BlueMage 4000 (currently on 4000)

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