Mud performance

From: Idle Process (
Date: 07/25/95

Is circle as a whole O(N), assuming a constant world, where N indicates 
number of players?  I'm trying to make a performance projection.  So far, 
with two players, it flies!  

Also, I've not noticed any sort of 'armageddon', where a mud will 
periodically reboot to clean up.  Is circle's memory management so good 
that it doesn't require this on any predictable schedule, or does it just 
handle that by periodically crashing :).  

I must say that this list is one of the most useful I have subscribed to 
- the signal-to-noise ratio is quite high.  Thanks to all the guru's out 
there who take time to post.

-price, who isn't going to ask when circlebpl9 is coming out.  No really, 
he isn't.

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