Re: Mapmaker

From: Chris Herringshaw (
Date: 07/25/95

Not that it helps much now, but when the Xtoolkit and database creation
utilities are released, there is support for reading current
CircleMUD compatible world files into the editor, and writing a
postscript copy of the map to disk - which can subsequently be
printed on any(tm) postscript printer.  I don't think I'll add
support for ascii maps, though, as in the 6+ years I have been
working on/with/in MUDs, I've not yet seen a useful application
of it.  Keep an eye on the list for the beta release, if you'd
like to try it.

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On Tue, 25 Jul 1995, JOACHIM PILEBORG wrote:

> Does anyone out there in cyberspace know if there exist a tool that takes a
> standard DikuMUD .wld file and translates it into some kind of map?
> I don't care about the flags, just that it can make a map out of it.
> PC or UNIX doens't matter.
> Thanks in advance.
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