Re: Mapmaker

From: Erik (
Date: 07/25/95

On Tue, 25 Jul 1995, Chris Herringshaw wrote:
> printed on any(tm) postscript printer.  I don't think I'll add
> support for ascii maps, though, as in the 6+ years I have been
> working on/with/in MUDs, I've not yet seen a useful application
> of it.  Keep an eye on the list for the beta release, if you'd
> like to try it.
  I can think of one. Creating .obj maps! I don't need a postscript map, 
since I had to have drawn out the area anyways in order to write it. But, 
for the areas in which I wish to make player maps available, I'd like a 
program which could do one for me, upon which I can make any deletions I 
feel necessary. The thought of writing up an ASCII map from my graph 
paper scribblings, is absolutely horrifying!

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