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From: Chris Herringshaw (
Date: 07/25/95

Well, the editor handles changing the map.  It's graphical - you
don't need to write it down on paper at all.  If you want to
delete a room, just delete it.  If you want to move it somewhere
else (a big pain to error check I might add =), just drag it somewhere
new.  The reason I use a postscript map is so that I can retain all
the details of the zone on the map, but allow the users to modify it
with some sort of drawing program, to either remove secret areas, or
to add their own writing, or titles, hints, etc. to the map, and
then that map can be distributable via ftp or something.  I actually
tried this once on a MUD, and nice maps were a huge hit.  The reason
I dropped it?  Drawing the darn thing with a drawing program.  Now
that the editor does it, there is no reason not to include it.  I
guess if people really need ascii maps from it, I could add that
type of functionality, but some interesting logistical issues come
into play when actually representing it in ascii.  If someone or
some group is really interested in seeing ascii maps being 
generated in addition to postscript maps, I'd appreciate it if
you would sit down and write a well-thought out system for 
representing rooms as ascii.  Things like how to represent a room,
an exit, exits up and down, secret areas, etc.  If I could get a 
real good description of this, it would go a long way towards
getting it in the editor.

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On Tue, 25 Jul 1995, Erik wrote:

> On Tue, 25 Jul 1995, Chris Herringshaw wrote:
> > printed on any(tm) postscript printer.  I don't think I'll add
> > support for ascii maps, though, as in the 6+ years I have been
> > working on/with/in MUDs, I've not yet seen a useful application
> > of it.  Keep an eye on the list for the beta release, if you'd
> > like to try it.
> > 
>   I can think of one. Creating .obj maps! I don't need a postscript map, 
> since I had to have drawn out the area anyways in order to write it. But, 
> for the areas in which I wish to make player maps available, I'd like a 
> program which could do one for me, upon which I can make any deletions I 
> feel necessary. The thought of writing up an ASCII map from my graph 
> paper scribblings, is absolutely horrifying!

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