Re: Mapmaker

From: Leeman Strout (
Date: 07/25/95

If the problem is wanting the player to work to get the map (ie: find the 
mapmaker and buy the dang thing... well, I'm pretty sure you could 
execute some sort of external sendmail script to send it to the player 
when they buy a "map"  *grin*  or you could create a mailer whereby your 
mapmaker sells "keys" and the user then emails that key to your 
map-mailer and it only sends maps to correct keys... all these things are 
fun toys to play with =)   I have an entirely social program for talking 
to people, however we do get alot of miscreants.  one of the neatest 
things we've done is send a pregenerated warning of some sort to the 
email address that they register with.  (which may not be theirs but the 
response is great  ;)


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