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Date: 07/25/95

On Sun, 9 Jul 1995, Mark Garringer wrote:

> Ok, I do not want PCs outside of 4 XP levels to be able to kill each 
> other in my MUD. Tracking down the kill/murder part was pretty simple. 
> Now, if a PC tries to murder another PC that is less than 4 levels 
> differance it will not allow it.

do it MY way :)

Make a macro PKILL(ch,vict) that will check if pkill_allowed is on and if 
the levels are ok and such things more (in our case, if the room is an arena)
Check out fight.c for the correct if etc... (a function with kill in it 
or something.... don't remeber anymore (damn those family holidays))
Then search for every instance of pkill_allowed (pkill_allowed is also 
the name I /think/ it is... and replace it properly with the macro. Check 
that you don't go around sending null pointer to it, of course...

And then, those checks are just a matter of changing the macro. 
Structured programming is wonderful, isn't it?


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