Re: Autoloot

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 07/25/95

I'm still muddling through what you were talking about before this.  

> > Setting default values is easily accomplished.  Initialize them just 
> > before the pfile is loaded.  Then old pfiles are converted to new pfiles 
> > the next time the user connects.
> 	Unfortunately, that's wrong.  It doesn't automatically update the 
> pfiles in all cases.  The problem is consider this line:
> HitMove    24 24 89 89
>         Now you added two more parameters to that, but didn't update 
> everyone's pfiles.  Instant crash-ola for 99% of the Merc-based MUDs
> when someone tries to login. :^)

Yeah, too bad the Merc-based MUDs aren't programmed to compensate, eh?  
<hint hint ;>.  The point is that the MUD -would- compensate for an 
incomplete record.

As far as upgrading goes, the MUD would preset all player values to zero 
(or 255, since that's less likely to be legal as a numeric or string 
value), and read in the player file.  If any values are still set to the 
illegal value, the MUD fills in default values and writes the player file.

It sounds like it would work, to me.  I haven't seen the player-file 
routines yet, so this is pure theory. ;>

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