Re: Autoloot

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 07/25/95

> I've never seen this happen with C code, but in my past assembly days 
> you'd get a similar error if a variable or pointer was in an odd-numbered 
> memory location.  I would have though C compilers would automatically 
> assign even numbers to all locations, but that could be a bug in the 
> compiler (?).  If you've got any short variables (1 byte char's, short 
> int's, etc), try adding an identical short right after them.
> I should quailfy the above by saying I'm no programmer, just a hacker who 
> manages to make code work by trial and error :)

I've had many'an impressive errors and core dumps from simple pointer 
misalignments.  Although I'm not new to the pointer thing, the way C 
implements it is somewhat confusing for me at the moment.  I'm starting 
to get the hang of it all.  Heh.

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