Re: Disarm skill

From: Steve (
Date: 07/30/95

try this func instead, and i'll point out the errors later:

void disarm( struct char_data *ch, struct char_data *victim )
     struct obj_data *obj;
     if ( (obj = victim->equipment[WIELD]) == NULL ) {
         act( "$S weapon seems to be $S hands.", FALSE, ch, 0, victim, TO_CHAR);
     }  /*needed to be held in braces, and $S instead of $s, victim had */
        /*to be defined in act() */

/* What is this code for??? Remove it */
     act( "$n tries to disarm you, but $p won't come off your hand!", 
 FALSE, ch, 0, 0, TO_VICTIM);
         act( "You try to knock the weapon from $S hand, but it is 
 useless!", FALSE, ch, 0, 0, TO_CHAR);
     act( "$n disarms you and sends your weapon flying!", TRUE, ch, 0, victim,  TO_VICTIM);
 /* if its TO_VICT victim needs to be defined */
     act( "You have managed to disarm $N!",  TRUE, ch, 0, victim, TO_CHAR );
 /* again define VICTIM!!! */
     act( "$n disarms $N!",  TRUE, ch, 0, 0, TO_ROOM );
 /* guess what, define victim or else $N is NULL */

     obj_from_char( obj );
     obj_to_room( obj, victim->in_room );
/* dunno if these are proper calls or not, check them before compiling */     

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