Re: quick question.

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 07/31/95

> I've been coding for about 12 hours straight, so this might be a brainless
> question... but, is this statement redundant, or unneccessary? :
>   if (GET_ROOM_SPEC(ch->in_room) != NULL)
> couldn't the same thing be accomplished with this? :
>   if (GET_ROOM_SPEC(ch->in_room))
> I've noticed statements like the first one in lots of places in the circle
> code.   Wouldn't the program be slightly smaller with the second statment?
> Just curious...

I knew someone was going to ask me this eventually. :)

Yes, the statements are the same.  However I often choose the first
because it's clearer when someone not familiar with C is reading it.

As for the program being "smaller" -- the source code would be smaller
by several bytes (8 bytes, to be exact :-)), but the object code and
executable would be exactly identical on most compilers.

Note that there are many, many places in the code -- the if (x != 0)
case that you pointed out being only one out of a hundred examples --
where I've chosen to code something in a way that is maximally readable
and understandable, rather than maximally efficient or maximally

Yes, I know how to write mega-unreadable mega-efficient mega-small code,
but I only do that when either A) no one else is ever going to read the
code in the future, including me, or B) speed is absolutely critical.


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