Multiple attacks

From: Mark Crichton (
Date: 07/31/95's a small snippet of what you need to do...

in perform_violence()
 if((GET_SKILL(ch, SKILL_2_ATTACK) > 0) && FIGHTING(ch) != NULL)
You should have a line something like this.....the key here is the FIGHTING(ch)
call.  A stack trace when my code bombed lead to a null pointer ref in hit()
(which is what is happening in your code, I believe) to the calling of hit().
You must be sure that you are fighting something when you call hit(), hence 
the FIGHTING(ch) != NULL (ok...I know I can replace that with something...but
I like the idiom that I KNOW why I put that in....and !FIGHTING(ch) would
confuse me at 1 AM when I do my coding :P)

My .02 dollars
Mark Crichton

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