Re: Languages

From: Sammy (
Date: 09/06/95

On Tue, 5 Sep 1995, Chris Herringshaw wrote:

> One funky thing I see here, is that it appears that the garbled
> text changes each time.  For example, if I say the words "Hello
> there Sparky, you're a dead man!" six times, anyone not speaking
> my language should see the same string six times, not 6 different
> ones.  I got around this by assigning each language an index
> (Say like 5 10 15 20), and in the garble text routine, I
> adjust the ascii value of the character by the index.  If I
> overrun the range of printable characters, I just wrap around.
> The result is that the exact same string appears each time the
> speaker says the same phrase.  One major benefit of this is
> that it allows a player to "learn" and recognize certain phrases
> in foreign tongues, just as in real life.  Therefore players
> of different races can have at least minimal verbal interaction.
> Of course you can also do an:  "> emote says: Hi There!", but
> that's not my problem to solve.

You might also want to make things a little more playable by converting 
vowels to vowels, and consonants to similar consonants.  That would make 
learning the language a lot easier.  Take that a little farther and make 
certain consonants/vowels translate into entire syllables and you may get 
output that looks like an authentic language.

Just a thought.  I prefer to stick with the single language system :)


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