Re: Languages

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 09/08/95

> > You might also want to make things a little more playable by converting 
> > vowels to vowels, and consonants to similar consonants.  That would make 
> > learning the language a lot easier.  Take that a little farther and make 
> > certain consonants/vowels translate into entire syllables and you may get 
> > output that looks like an authentic language.
> I've been working on just that, lately, although it's not part of 
> Circle.  I've been using flex to write translator-scanners.  You could 
> run output through one of these and pipe the responses back...
> Whatavar iou theenk thes orekheenallih saet, et's tevh'ereent enow!

Perhaps a constant maximum deviation of normal english could be used; the 
word's seed is attained (a checksum of all characters and placement of 
the characters) and from that the deviation is generated; the skill the 
character has in the target language would be used to find the total 
deviation from the language it's converted to.

Intriguing nevertheless.

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