Re: Telnet entry routines.

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 09/09/95

I have no qualms with writing my own editing routines; if anything, I'd 
like to write something that detects whether there's a line or a 
character mode enabled and compensates; that way I can at least test the 
functionality/efficiency of such routines.  If they're horribly slow, 
I'll comment them out in the next compile.

I'm getting close though. <grin>.

> correct me if i'm wrong, but what yer tryin to do is read single 
> characters from the port prior to the user pressing return.
> second: I HAVE NO IDEA HOW.
> but i have picked up a few bits of reasoning on why this is not eggsacly 
> 'simple' code in a mud, and therefor why noone has done it :)
> mud. if you examine every character, yer gonna have to provide editing 
> capabilities or at least a backspace/delete functionality. it's all or 
> nothing. also, you'll have to be checking the user's input before they 
> press return - which is essentially always. there was a fella working on 
> this problem for use in auto-completion (mite even have bin you) so if 
> yer out there, how far did you get? i'd be most interested in any 
> progress you make.
> -dert

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