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From: Paul Cole (
Date: 09/09/95

On Sat, 9 Sep 1995, FourSpace wrote:

> On Sat, 9 Sep 1995, Ole Gjerde wrote:
> > This might be a problem.  TSR has copyright on that stuff, so if they 
> > wanted they could sue you :)
> > TSR was supposedly going to sue any muds with areas with mobs/objects 
> > that they have copyright on.
> > 
> > Just warning you :P
> > 
> I don't think TSR would have a leg to stand on unless you are making 
> money off of the mud (which none of us Circle muds would dream of :).
> Suing a mud for using the monsters and objs as-is form thier manuals
> would be equivalent to climbing through your bathroom window and 
> arresting you and all your guests for playing an aD&d module.
> Fireball

Actually. It depends entirely upon which portions they have registered 
their copyrights.  If you use something that has not had its copyright 
registered and then the offended party can attempt to do three things

 1) Seek injunctions to prevent you from possessing, reproducing <got you 
    on that one>, translating, distributing <got you on that one too>,
    the material < unless you have a license for one or more of the >
                 < above either expressed or implied>.              >
 2) Seek damages to the tune of any real value loss to their own work 
     <lost sales or whatever> in past, present and future. 
     <put it on an ftp site and future losses are quite large>
 3) Seek any funds received as a result of use/possession of the material.

Point #2 is very dangerous since they can produce proof that profit was 
lost based on your player count and seek damages based on price of 
work * number of players.

If the copyright is --registered-- on the other hand, they can do all the 
above PLUS 

 4) Seek damages to the tune of <some large figure I don't recall> just 
    because they feel like it.  This is in addition to any or all of the 

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