Re: olc

From: FourSpace (
Date: 09/09/95

On Sat, 9 Sep 1995, Ole Gjerde wrote:

> On Sat, 9 Sep 1995, Billy H. Chan (陈浩然) wrote:
> > I'm also looking into implementing/obj-fying all the equip in the
> > arms and equipment guide (yes, T$R), but would like to take the easy
> > way out, if someone already has such a file... otherwise, once I'm
> > done, I'd gladly put it public somewhere... same with the Monster
> > Manual :)
> This might be a problem.  TSR has copyright on that stuff, so if they 
> wanted they could sue you :)
> TSR was supposedly going to sue any muds with areas with mobs/objects 
> that they have copyright on.
> Just warning you :P

I don't think TSR would have a leg to stand on unless you are making 
money off of the mud (which none of us Circle muds would dream of :).
Suing a mud for using the monsters and objs as-is form thier manuals
would be equivalent to climbing through your bathroom window and 
arresting you and all your guests for playing an aD&d module.


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