Re: Telnet entry routines.

From: Andrew Davidoff (
Date: 09/10/95

On Sat, 9 Sep 1995, Paul Cole wrote:
> Well, the problem with using tab is, your going to have to use character 
> at a time input which will complicate your input routines significantly 
> and won't be acceptable at all for those who use clients as clients like 
> tinyfugue do not send data to the remote until a newline is read on the 
> on the local system.  So you won't see a tab until you get the entire 
> line of data and on tinyfugue at least, it doesn't even bother to send 
> tabs at all.

thats what i said :)
remember, i aint the one doing this. where is the guy who started trying 
to hack this together around 4 months ago? he seemed to know what he was 
doing. perhaps ICGA will help. tinyfugue supports it, tintin++ supposedly 
will, and theres plenty of hints about it in circle.

> > Btw, tcsh and bash also support completions of various sorts.

nothin like zsh. zsh's menu-cycle style completion is i think what the 
guy wanted. imagine,

tell d[tab]
Dert	Dylan	Dennis	Dizzy	Dominick
tell Dert[tab]
tell Dylan[tab]
tell Dennis[tab]
tell Dizzy[tab]
tell Dominick yo buddy, i can never spell yer name...

all on a total of two lines, mind you... snazzy.
-dert (noone fergets MY name)

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