Re: olc

From: Sammy (
Date: 09/10/95

On Sat, 9 Sep 1995, Ryan Kolak wrote:

> Just curious if anyone is using the olc package that is available at 
> I am ... and find it quite useful... i am looking to 
> expand it, but since I have very little free time as it is, i would 
> rather not rewrite it if someone else already has....
> here is what I am looking to do with it.... (in order of importance)
>   0) ADD SECURITY... only those who have access to the area can edit it..
>   1) Add support for editing Mobs...
>   2) Add support for editing Shops...
>   3) Add support for editing Zones... 

Hmm weird.  I've been working on a scratch olc system and the parts I've 
completed so far are objects and rooms...THough mine does have zone 
security.  It's pretty simple really.  Zallow <name> <zone> edits the 
.zon file and adds a * Builder <name> in the beginning.  It requires a 
new get_line (get_line2 in mine) that doesn't ignore lines that start 
with *.  Zdeny <player> <zone> reverses the operation.  Now any time a god
tries to enter the editors, it checks for their name in the zone.

When I finish the whole thing I may send it to the ftp site.  I just need 
to clean out all the flags and such specific to the mud I code for.


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