re: vt100 (ansi) codes.

From: Sammy (
Date: 09/11/95

On Mon, 11 Sep 1995, Greg Alexander Irvine wrote:

> Well, I was going to post this straight to Jaco, but I thought that just
> maybe there are more of you out there who might want this ansi-escape list.
> Keyboard Reassignments:
>          ESC[#;#;...p                   Keyboard reassignment. The first ASCII
>          or ESC["string"p               code defines which code is to be 
>          or ESC[#;"string";#;           changed. The remaining codes define
>             #;"string";#p               what it is to be changed to.
<much more good info snipped>

I got the same info from an ms-dos 5 manual.  I tried the keyboard 
reassignments on my linux box and it wasn't working for me at all.  I 
assumed it was a dos-only thing and gave up.  Has anyone sucsessfully 
reassigned keys on a linux system?  The reason I ask is I wanted to allow 
an option for players to set keyboard macros withing the mud and use 
send_to_char's to redifine the player's keyboard.


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