re: vt100 (ansi) codes.

From: Mark Devlin (
Date: 09/12/95

On Mon, 11 Sep 1995, Sammy wrote:

> I got the same info from an ms-dos 5 manual.  I tried the keyboard 
> reassignments on my linux box and it wasn't working for me at all.  I 
> assumed it was a dos-only thing and gave up.  Has anyone sucsessfully 
> reassigned keys on a linux system?  The reason I ask is I wanted to allow 
> an option for players to set keyboard macros withing the mud and use 
> send_to_char's to redifine the player's keyboard.

_DON'T_ do this.  _DON'T_ even THINK of doing this.  It is BAD.

The reason is that it'd be very easy for someone to redefine someone 
else's keys into something undesirable.  Granted, the twit would need to 
be able to send the escape character, but better safe than sorry.

Fortunately, most comm programs for DOS don't support keyboard 
reassignment codes anyways.

No $.02 here, this one's free.  :-)

- Mark

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