Re: buf[]

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 09/14/95

> > What's wrong with buf?
> > Personaly I would like to know why not all bufs are local.
> > Memory?
> This, sir, is my question :)
> Julien

Originally I did it in the name of efficiency, thinking that having a single
set of buffers that were always around would be more time- and space-
efficient than constantly allocating and deallocating local buffer space
every time a function was called.  However, since then, it seems that it
doesn't really matter anyway because that kind of thing is so platform-
specific that there's probably no speed difference on many platforms.

The second reason, and one that's still valid IMHO, is that it's more
convenient to have buffers around without declaring them, since all
functions use them anyway.

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