Re: Your circle-list post

From: Matthew T. Churilla (
Date: 09/14/95

OK I know that I am not the intened party to resopnd to this message.
But I have mobs that work on a semi-queue system basis.  If you ask me
it would be simple to implement this all you will need is a global queue
data structure.  Then you just set up a pulse statmet that calls update queue.
once it does this it goes though the queue incrementing the active time 
and if the active time has reached the duration then you remove from queue
and call whatever function is associated with the queue.  You could experiment
with the queue system to do things like attaching procedures to a queue 
data structure.  This is my base toughts on making this system work
I really havent tought deeply into the subject but it doesnt seem that hard
to me. If you would like to hear more just send me a message inquiteing abuout
a certain part of the procedure that I just gave you.

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