alias.c (potential bug found)

From: Billy H. Chan (陈浩然) (
Date: 09/18/95

Hi Guys,
	If you're using alias.c, then perhaps you've already found this
potential bug.  If not, read on :)
	There is a bug in alias.c where it allows a character to save
an  alias that is more than 127 characters wide.  However, read_alias
can only read in 127 characters.  If an alias happens to be larger than
127 chraacters wide, reading/loading the character will cause the whole
mud to segfault and crash.
	The best work around for this is to limit players from making
aliases longer than 120 characters (I keep 6 to be safe)  Otherwise,
you can change read_alias in interpreter.c to have bigger local buf and
temp buf.
	If this bug has been found, sorry for the bandwidth.  Are there
any place where we can register these 'known bugs'?
-Billy H. Chan	陈浩然		    <> 
 Strom's Lost Lands: based on Circle MUD 3.00 beta.pl8.  Multi-class
	characters of different races availabe.

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