Segmentation fault

From: Rasmus R\xnlev (
Date: 09/18/95

Well, considering my last days of futration I decided to write a little 
message here.

I've been changing some assorted stuff in the Circle3.00, patchlevel8 code.
It's run at a remote computer, but due to limited disk space I decided to 
work at the source at home, testing it and so forth... 
My own setup is Linux based, and as far as programming and compiling the 
prgram seems error free.

The problem arises when I transfer the sourcecocode to the remote mashine 
(SunOS), the source still compiles without errors, and seemingly runs fine...

BUT, MOSTLY when fighting, sometimes even when the mud is more or less 
idle it CRASHES ... the program returns "Segmentation Fault"..

NOW, considering this I thought... Well.. Has to be my code.. BUT, 
whatever I do It's IMPOSSIBLE to reproduce the event at my Linux setup... 
What I wndered is, if anyone knows why the mud gets a segmentation 
fault.. and if it's possibly the remote systems recources that arent 
adequate... ?

Anyways, any comments are appreciated... actually flames too 8)

Rasmus R, aka. Con.

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