Re: Segmentation fault

From: Boris Levit (
Date: 09/18/95

On Mon, 18 Sep 1995, Rasmus Rxnlev wrote:

> Well, considering my last days of futration I decided to write a little 
> message here.
> I've been changing some assorted stuff in the Circle3.00, patchlevel8 code.
> It's run at a remote computer, but due to limited disk space I decided to 
> work at the source at home, testing it and so forth... 
> My own setup is Linux based, and as far as programming and compiling the 
> prgram seems error free.
> The problem arises when I transfer the sourcecocode to the remote mashine 
> (SunOS), the source still compiles without errors, and seemingly runs fine...
> BUT, MOSTLY when fighting, sometimes even when the mud is more or less 
> idle it CRASHES ... the program returns "Segmentation Fault"..
> NOW, considering this I thought... Well.. Has to be my code.. BUT, 
> whatever I do It's IMPOSSIBLE to reproduce the event at my Linux setup... 
> What I wndered is, if anyone knows why the mud gets a segmentation 
> fault.. and if it's possibly the remote systems recources that arent 
> adequate... ?
> Anyways, any comments are appreciated... actually flames too 8)
> Regards,
> Rasmus R, aka. Con.

Use a debugger like gdb to find WHERE (what function, line) the problem 
is.  Make sure you compile the MUD with the -g option to cc or gcc 
(whichever you use) ... 

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