Re: 2.20 on SVR4

From: Pink Floyd (
Date: 09/20/95

   ported to that sys but I don't know if it was ever finished.  I'm 
   planning on staying with 2.20 since I'm a newbie but I just wanted to 
   know if anyone has any suggestions.  I've only had one undefined symbol 

I don't know about SRV4 or whatever it was, but as far as staying with 2.2 
since you're a newbie, I don't see why?  3.0 is probably compatible with more 
systems than 2.2, and as far as being a newbie, 3.0 is at least as easy, if 
not easier to work with than 2.2...   Try getting 3.0 and that might solve
your compilation problems. (don't forget to comment/uncomment any relevant
lines in the Makefile).
Hope this helps...

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