2.20 on SVR4

From: Ryan Lynch (lynchrl@ucsub.colorado.edu)
Date: 09/19/95

	I just subscribed to this list so I don't know if this question 
has already been asked.  Has anyone had any luck with compiling Circle 
2.20 on a SVR4 sys?  I know that the code was in the process of being 
ported to that sys but I don't know if it was ever finished.  I'm 
planning on staying with 2.20 since I'm a newbie but I just wanted to 
know if anyone has any suggestions.  I've only had one undefined symbol 
when using cc compared to five undefined symbols with gcc.  Don't know if 
this really helped or just looked like it helped:)  Please email me with 
any help you can offer.  Thanks.

Ryan Lynch
University of Colorado, Boulder
College of Engineering and Applied Science

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