Terminal emulations

From: Sean Mountcastle (mtcastle@liii.com)
Date: 09/22/95

Well, I suppose thats a bad subject line, but ......

	What I want to do is set up a psuedo-window for my players on vt 
terms - I've looked thru SillyMUD code and saw the InitScreen function 
which sets up 4 or 5 lines at the bottom of the screen for the status 
display, but my question is where can I put an if check in to see if 
we've reached the last possible line that output can be sent to?  I was 
thinking about process_outputt, but that doesn't look right - perhaps 
write_to_descriptor?  (I dont think these are the exact func names).  


	(in the proper function)
	if cursor position == limit
		send text to same line, and make it scroll up w/o 
breaking into the status display.

	Also, if I write to the last line, will the display scroll up 
like normal w/o eating into the display box at the bottom?

	My idea if prolly totally wrong, but please could someone point 
me in the right direction?  I'm tired of the prompt system - I want 
something more ;)  If I ever get it working I'll post the source code to 
the list for everyone's enjoyment.

	- Sean
	  Glas @ The Dominion

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