Re: Mobile Multi-Attacks

From: Pink Floyd (
Date: 09/23/95

   I saw a message from someone wondering about monster multi-attacks.  It is
   easy to code it: it is almost the same as the player multi-attacks.  Here
   is what I did to make the monsters able to attack more than once per round.
   One thing about my code is the fact that all monsters attack the same number
   of times.  Since monsters don't have classes, how would I make a general
   code that would give different types of mobs different numbers of attacks?
   I'm sure a 20th level janitor wouldn't have the same number of attacks
   as a 20th level death knight :)

You need to provide a way for the system to determine that its dealing with 
a death knight and not a janitor.  What you could do is to redefine mobs so
that they have a class, and then go through every world file and give each
mob the appropriate class. This would also involve defining mob classes and
changing db.c to allocate any necessary memory as well as read in the new 
value and assign it.  That seems like the best way, and once you've done that
it opens up tons of possibilities.
I'd be sure and think carefully about the classes before you do them though.
Personally, I didn't make mine match player classes, but made them more like
Good luck...

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