Re: Mobile Multi-Attacks

From: G.O.W. (
Date: 09/25/95

> [snip]
> You need to provide a way for the system to determine that its dealing with 
> a death knight and not a janitor.  What you could do is to redefine mobs so
> that they have a class, and then go through every world file and give each
> mob the appropriate class. This would also involve defining mob classes and
> changing db.c to allocate any necessary memory as well as read in the new 
> value and assign it.  That seems like the best way, and once you've done that
> it opens up tons of possibilities.
> I'd be sure and think carefully about the classes before you do them though.
> Personally, I didn't make mine match player classes, but made them more like
> Good luck...
I have actually implemented races in that fashion instead of assigning 
classes.  The classes would be a good idea, but races actually add a ton
more possibilities.. especially if used in conjunction with the mob 
classes.  Using both you could actually create mobs such as a.
a drow wizard or a draconian fighter.. each having the appropriate 
racial abilities and class abilities.  I think this adds to the "realism".


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