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From: Dennis R. Haag (drhaag@chemgate.byu.edu)
Date: 09/24/95

>But my problem is that I don't know where to
>actually write out the code for my AFF_STONESKIN
>flag.  I searched endlessly for the place where
>AFF_SANCTUARY is actually written, but I couldn't
>find it.
>Where is the code for AFF_SANCTUARY written?

I'm sure you have been told that it is in the
damage() function. I would strongly recommend
anyone trying to code learn the grep command.
Go to your source directory and type: 

grep AFF_SANC *.c

you should get something like this:

magic.c: af.bitvector = AFF_SANCTUARY
spells.c: else if(IS_AFFECTED(i,AFF_SANCTUARY))

and so on... then edit fight.c and search for


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