Spells Code

From: Entreri (entreri@netcom.com)
Date: 09/24/95

I've been getting tired of adding commands, classes, etc.  So today I
decided to try checking out adding spells that one of the other coders
usually adds.  I found adding APPLY_AC such spells basic to add, but
one thing is bothering me.  I see that some spells like sanctuary
have an AFF_SANCTUARY bitvector.  I wanted to add a spell with an
AFF_STONESKIN flag, just to test it out.  I defined the name (spells.h),
stuck it into a slot and wrote out the spello for it (spell_parser.c),
put the AFF_STONESKIN and the duration, etc (magic.c), and defined the
AFF_STONESKIN flag (structs.h), and made a nifty little flag about
John the Warrior is standing here.
...he has stoneskin affect. (act.informative.c).

It compiled without a problem...
But my problem is that I don't know where to actually write out the
code for my AFF_STONESKIN flag.  I searched endlessly for the place
where AFF_SANCTUARY is actually written, but I couldn't find it.
Where is the code for AFF_SANCTUARY written?

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