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From: Billy H. Chan (陈浩然) (
Date: 09/24/95

You recently wrote:
> From: "Michael K. Lee" <>
> X-Sender: mklee@Sun2.IS
> From old postings, we know that patch 8 doesn't subtract
> exp from fleeing.  So, I took out the if(FIGHTING(ch))
> since the player is not in that state after do_simple_move,
> if I am not mistaken.  Does anyone have a suggestion for
> the loss equations?  The loss equations are based on 
> FIGHTING state, and if the player is not in the FIGHTING state
> after do_simple_move,it is not calculating the loss exp.
My solution to that fleeing problem was to subtract some xp from
the character whenever he/she flees, even outside of battle.
(hey, if you're stupid enough to type flee when you don't need to,
you should get punished)... :)
The second solution was to base the subtraction on the fleeing 
char's level times some constant (or a ratio based on current
hp vs full hp)... 
The original code had the xp penalty based on the level of the
person you are fighting.  I have it based on your own level.

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