Re: pentium

From: Daniel J. Winsor (
Date: 09/25/95

  I run CircleMUD v3.00pl8 modified on my Pentium/90 running Linux
as an OS (in this case, 1.3.27), to answer your question.  I've
never had any problems with it compiling or functioning in a
proper manner (aside from bugs, of course.. :))  The file handling
routines work normally and the MUD runs without incident.  I'm
not really sure why you're having these types of problems.

  If your compiler is segfaulting, it's usually an indication of
faulty memory chips (SIMMs) on your system, as are related things
like kernel stack corruption on an otherwise stable kernel, which
1.2.11 is.  Assuming that you haven't changed anything else and
everything else you compile runs fine.. Who knows.  Maybe Circle
doesn't like you?


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