applies [36]??

From: Who me? (
Date: 09/25/95

Recently I changed the max player stats from 18 to 25.  After changing
most of the revelant code, I started to change the constants.c file.
The code I want to change in particular it the str_app, dex_app,
int_app, etc.  It seems that these are all declared as array[36].

Where does the number 36 come from??

I checked the code where the applies are actually used/compared and
they use dex_app[GET_DEX(ch)] -- which I would assume would be a max 
of 18 for players and maybe 25 for NPC's.

At first I thought it was level 35 + 1 = 36, but levels are not used
anywhere in relation to this code that I can see.

Thanks in Advance

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