Chopping and converting area files

From: J userid (
Date: 09/26/95

	I'm curious if anyone has written a program that changes zon, 
mob, obj, and wld files vnums and other relevant into (values for keys 
etc) based on  either a #define'ed difference or command-line entered.  
And has anyone created a program that chops up LARGE area files like 
tinyworld.* based onranges listed in another file.  If so I need the C 
code for these files.  If not I'll have to post all the coee I've written 
so far and see if someone can help me out.  (I know circlemud comes with 
split.c which chops up the file based on = placed in appropriate spots, 
but I'm looking for a program that would read a line at a time and if the 
line began with a # then it wouldcheck to see if the following vnum was 
high than the current range, and if so before writing it to the file it 
would write out the file, close it and then open a new fileto write to.)

	Thanks in advance,

	- Sean

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