Date: 09/26/95

I have a question to ask(actually, it's more of a favor)
Some friends and I are currently developing a circle3.0, release 7 code,
modified to our tastes, that we plan to open for public play soon...except
we wish to have several areas unique to our mud finished by opening day..
Anyways, to make things easy for our builders, we ftp'd and implemented the
redit and iedit codes from the circle ftp site but would like to be able to
build .mob and .zon files online as well. 
My question is, does anyone know where I could ftp, or otherwise acquire, code
to give us a complete system of olc?  Or, better yet, if anyone has a complete
olc source code that they would allow us to use (we'll credit you fully)..
Or for that matter, as I'm sure has been asked(donning the asbestos underwear inpreparation for the flames) does anyone know when the olc for stock circle will
be complete?

Hell, if you've got an untested olc that you're not sure will work, we'll test
it for ya...:>



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