Re: Max Player Limit

From: David A. Carver (
Date: 09/28/95

Shaddai wrote:
->  I was running my mud and when I started it I had a non-positive
->player limit.  So I wen in and checked my Max_player in config.c
->and found it at 20.  Any ideas as to what is wrong?

I ran into a similar problem.  Except I had mine set to the default 300 in
config.c and was only getting a max of 6 players on start up.  I tracked
the area of code where it sets the max_players for the game to comm.c.  
Take a look at the get_avail_descs function in comm.c.  Depending on what 
your compiler supports it will do several different things to determine 
the actually maximum players allowed.

I ended up commenting out a lot of this code (I'll probably regret it), 
and just setting max_descs = MAX_PLAYERS.

That part of the code is where I would look first.

Dave Carver

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