Re: Max Player Limit

From: Jason Mathews (
Date: 09/29/95

On 28 Sep 1995, David A. Carver wrote:
> I ran into a similar problem.  Except I had mine set to the default 300 in
> config.c and was only getting a max of 6 players on start up.  I tracked
> the area of code where it sets the max_players for the game to comm.c.  
> Take a look at the get_avail_descs function in comm.c.  Depending on what 
> your compiler supports it will do several different things to determine 
> the actually maximum players allowed.
> I ended up commenting out a lot of this code (I'll probably regret it), 
> and just setting max_descs = MAX_PLAYERS.

 I had the same problem some time ago when piddling around with rel8. On 
my SCO box, it compiled just fine and I had no problems.
But the same code on a similar machine running BSD gave me a negative 
player limit error. SnipSnip, and max_descs=MAX_PLAYERS. Everything's dandy.
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